Addiction is now our Nations #1 Health Crisis. Individuals with this disease are not bad people looking to be good they are sick people looking to get well.  Join us in the fight for the rights and services needed to help!   Your Story. Your Strengh. Your Voice.

  • Advocate for Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act 2015 (CARA)
  • Recovery Coach Training Webinars
  • Addiction Treatment Resources

Advocate - Educate - Celebrate

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Capital Are Project VOX is constantly seeking to add value to the recovery community, and one way we do this is through our events. We coordinate several events each year geared towards raising awareness to providing funding and resources for recovering families and individuals.




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Hope in Action

For more than over 10 years, Capital Area Project VOX has devoted its energy to passionately advocate to reduce the stigmas that are so deeply attached to addiction and provide education and resources for  recovery support services to families and individuals.  Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

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  • Opioid overdose injection -authorized trainers
  • Annual events to raise funds
  • Political action in Michigan and Washington, D.C.

Our goal is to continually provide updated information to the capital area for addiction resources for both the recovering individual and family.  Our list of pathways include detox, residential treatment, inpatient and outpatient, transitional housing, therapy for the family and many other resources.




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